Nicholas Martin

Nicholas Martin - Top UK Professional Organist

You are listening to various segments from just some of Nicholas Martin's CDs My Concerto for You (Released 2001 - 17 tracks 12.99 inc. UK P&P) and You Raise Me Up (Released 2008 - 16 Tracks 12.99 inc UK P&P). All the sounds your hear are produced by the fantastic Technics SX-FA1 (manufactured from 1994 by Panasonic - pictured left). Whether your taste is for Classical, Hammond, Jazz, Orchestral or Theatre Organ, then Technics Organs has them all. If the segment you are listening to is enough to impress you about the rich tones and superb voicing of the FA1 and other models in the Technics Organs range, then contact us NOW for details and pricing of all pre-owned high-quality instruments - delivery and on-site installation throughout UK & Ireland.

Technics FA1 CDs

Click for List of Nicholas Martin's FA1 Recordings. Thank You.

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