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As a customer, you expect - and rightly deserve - the very best products available. With over twenty-five years experience in Computing & Music, you can be assured that we supply the very best instruments which are all in as 'original' or 'showroom' condition. Every instrument is serviced and tested prior to delivery. We also provide a very comprehensive after-sales and support service for each and every customer. In short, we provide a dedicated, professional outlet whereby Enthusiasts and Professionals alike, can avail themselves of the highest quality pre-owned instruments and services.

All instruments offered For Sale, will never be featured on any Auction site. We exercise a policy of "first come, first served" as this reflects a greater level of fairness and thereby prevents unfair trading or bidding one customer against the other. Our pricing is also reflective of the quality of instruments which are supplied complete with warranty, owners manuals and registrations disks.

From customer feedback to date, it is the consensus of opinion, that Technics Organs were ahead of their time. The unfortunate cessation of production in 2003, left a vacuum in the industry which has not - until now - been filled by any company willing to provide a reliable source for material relevant to these fantastic instruments. We can fill that void, and have developed our business and this web site - with your kindness and ongoing support - into a long-term venture for the benefit of all age groups and musical tastes. Please feel free to browse through any section and listen to the outstanding voicing and instruments available on these wonderful Organs.

Why us ? Simply because we settle for the best. Thank You. David Gibson (Owner).


Inviting Business, Corporate, Enthusiasts & Professional Membership for all Ages - Throughout the World

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Why Us

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